Genesis 2019

In December 2019, LightOx’s business development executive Amy Wright attended the Genesis conference in London to celebrate collaborative activity in the life sciences industry.

LightOx’s advancements in the adaptions of technologies and innovations to utilise these technologies have been staggering in their aim to use Photodynamic therapy to treat early onset oral cancers.

Although this progress has proven successful in the recent rise in the fields of Biomedical research and innovation, this conference enabled us to think about the business models and strategies alike that can influence route to markets and investment opportunities.

Following this conference, Amy discovered the practical implications of communication channels, marketing models and collaborative strategies in relation to benefiting patients as well as investors.

Discussion with senior executives and decision makers regarding healthcare, technology and business has allowed for a more collective insight into the role of business development and how this compliments the scientific aspects of LightOx.

These conferences in relation to collaborative efforts allow LightOx to enhance our understanding surrounding the life sciences industry and provides opportunities for networking both in the present and in potential future partnerships.

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