A Unique Range of Molecular Tools for use in Imaging, Therapeutics and Assay Development

We are offering our probes for research through Merck for use in cell imaging, detection, tracking and tagging of bioactive molecules, through fluorescence and Raman imaging techniques.

LightOx Probes have been shown to work in many different cell types,  and due to their low molecular weight are able to penetrate cells quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to cellular function.


Dynamic discovery tools for drugs, pro-drugs, peptides, proteins, RNA, DNA


Small molecules with flexible linkers which do not affect existing bioactivity


Customised attachment methods & linkers to other drug & targeting agents


Suitable for single and two-photon fluorescence, and Raman imaging techniques
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Imaging Probes Catalogue

Fluorescent retinoid probes for use in cellular imaging, protein-ligand binding assays and flow cytometry.

LightOx fluorescent retinoid probes are highly fluorescent analogs of all-trans-retinoic acid which exhibit light stability with equal or enhanced biological activity compared to natural retinoids.
The unique design of these fluorescent retinoids provides bright, highly solvatochromatic, fluorescence when excited with UV light at 405 or 800 (two photon) nm wavelengths of light, allowing unprecedented imaging of retinoid biological activity and localisation for a wide variety of applications and cellular imaging contexts.
  • Strong binding affinity for a range of retinoid-binding proteins including Retinoic Acid Receptors (RARs) and Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Proteins (CRABPs)
  • Excellent light stability – LightOx fluorescent retinoids can be handled under typical laboratory conditions without the laborious precautions required for natural retinoids
  • Inherent cell-silent chromophore for Raman imaging applications
  • Suitable for a wide-range of applications including cell imaging, plate-based assays, flow cytometry, ligand-receptor binding and drug assays.
Imaging Probes Catalogue

Adaptable, low molecular weight fluorophores for imaging with no loss of function

LightOx probes represent a unique method for the delivery of fluorescent probes into cells. From simple staining, to targeted delivery, the unique properties of LightOx probes enables a multitude of cell staining capabilities.

LightOx has developed new small, drug-like molecular fluorophores which differ from existing product ranges in their size, bioavailability, flexibility and light emission.

Our small fluorescent tags are similar in size to most pharmaceutical drugs which means that they bypass the traditional problems associated with fluorescent probes, providing facile cell delivery and minimal disruption to cell activity. Their powerful fluorescent properties make it easy to study cellular activity through imaging techniques and with flexible linkers, researchers can tag and track their distribution through biomolecular conjugates, ranging from peptides, proteins, DNA to antibodies etc in a variety of cell types including animal, plant, algae and bacteria cells.

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Our technology enables tag and track
  • Organelles
  • Antibodies
  • Proteins
  • Drugs
LightOx probes
  • Robust, reproducible conjugation
  • Adaptable for varied molecular compatibility
  • Large variety of linkage chemistries and modalities
Cast new light on your research
  • Solvatochromatic emission properties, providing polarity and localisation data
  • Bright, easily imaged capabilities, using standard fluorescence microscopes
  • Large Stokes shifts
  • Raman imaging compatibility through cell-silent functional groups
  • Suitable for wide-ranging imaging applications
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Uniform, directed and reproducible UV light irradiation for the catalysis of photochemical and photobiological reactions.